Color Choices

  • Spa Shells

    Setting the Quality Standard. It’s durable, beautiful, and easy to clean.
    *High-Gloss Finish: Aristech Acrylic Sheet products retain their glossy appearance through years of normal wear and tear.
    *Won’t Fade or Dull: even in sunlight.
    *Chemical & Stain Resistant: Resists common household stains such as lipstick,hair dye,ink and crayon.
    *High Heat Retention: Warm to the touch,providing a more comfortable bathing experience.
    *Vast Color & Design Choices: Aristech Cast Acrylics provide manufacturers unlimited design freedom.
    *Easy To Repair: Because the Color goes all the way through Aristech Acrylic Sheet, most scratches can buffed out.

  • Champers 6150

    Champers 6150

  • Cosmic Swirl 6273

    Cosmic Swirl 6273

  • desert 9581

    Desert 9581

  • Half and Half 9575

    Half and Half 9575

  • Mayan Copper 6256

    Mayan Copper 6256

  • Mediterranean Sunset 6240

    Mediterranean Sunset 6240

  • Midnight Opal 6878

    Midnight Opal 6878

  • Nickel 6272

    Nickel 6272

  • Ocean Wave 6811

    Ocean Wave 6811

  • Oyster Opal 6970

    Oyster Opal 6970

  • Pebble 9588

    Pebble 9588

  • Pure White 9571

    Pure White 9571

  • Sahara 9583

    Sahara 9583

  • Satinum Swirl 6276

    Satinum Swirl 6276

  • Silver White Marble 6427

    Silver White Marble 6427

  • White Pearlescent 6696

    White Pearlescent 6696

  • White Satin 6275

    White Satin 6275

  • PS Composites Spa Cabinets

    We use PS Composites Spa Cabinet,which is both weather and UV-resistant, not only beautiful ,but also its solid structure does not need regular maintenance.

    Beautiful and worry-free hot tub cabinets.

  • Skirt mix

Spa Standard Cabinets

  • Grey

    PS Composites cabinet(Grey)

  • Brown

    PS Composites cabinet(Brown)

  • Chocolate

    PS Composites cabinet(Chocolate)

  • PS Composites cabinet(White)

Premium Cabinets

  • New Design Wide Cabinet

    New Design Wide Cabinet

  • New Design Black & White Cabinet with LED light

    New Design Black & White Cabinet with LED light

Look Younger With MicroSilk

MicroSilk is a new patented Hydrotherapy that rejuvenates your body and skin, making you look younger and feel better. The gentle effervescent sensation and silky feel of the water are signs that your body is benefiting from the super saturated water with billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles. These micro-bubbles, increase oxygen levels in the water and blankets your body, energizing skin cells, stimulating the immune system and collagen production, killing bacteria and promoting healing.

Rejuvenate yourself with MicroSilk Hydrate your body, Plump your skin, Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Spa Controls


We use the most professional control systems For SPA.

Jazzi Spas always come wth advanced techonology control systems in order to provides users the easiest way to have the massage enjoyment. You can choose the high-tech control system for your JAZZI Spa.

Perfect life, you and Jazzi.

Make Your Spa Easy to Operate.

  • Balboa (USA)

    Balboa Water Group is the world leader in spa product design, state of the art manufacturing. and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability in bringing better solution to the market. Their products are assembled from highest grade material in their sophisticated and advanced IS0 manu-factured facilities and each product is carefully tested for both quality and performance. And all their efforts ensure their products take up big share in the worldwide market.

  • Gekco ( Canada)

    By combining state-of-the-art electronics with eye catching designs, Gecko system are offering complete series of advanoed and malnsteam spa systems, keypads and accessories to the spa and hot tub industry. Geoko's product offerings include innovative spa pack platforms with all the features and functions spa and hot tub manufacturers expect in stunning designs that combine looks and functionality; groundbreaking series of main and auxiliary keypads with ingenious interfaces that maximize user experience.

  • SPA-QUIP (Austra- lia)

    SPA-0UIP control system that JAZZl spa using is the most advanced technical from Australia. lt places every spa function atyour fingertips from water circulation, filtration, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, temperature preprogrammed time setting, 1ight operation to water pressure control. The digital touch-pad offers new standard readouts for easy reading whether you are inside or outside the spa. All the oomponents exceed even the most stringent spa safety requirement

  • ACC (USA)

    In 1982 Applied Computer Controls was established to design, manufacture and sell electronic controls to the spa indutry.Today they are still designing and manufacturing electronics Their controls have a lot of smarts built in and hey are by far more reliable and above all they are extremely friendly to use. They have been designed with the user, the spa manufacturer as well as the se~ceman n mnd. Each aspeot of a Smart touch Digital field programmable.With 3 different sytems in the family there is a Smart Touch Digital for every spa applicatio.

  • Power Spoul Jet

  • Trio-stream Jet

  • Premier Stream Jet

  • Spoul Jet

  • Power Dual-Spoul Jet

  • Dual-Srream Jet

  • Power Splash Jet

  • Mini Stream Jet

  • Premier Dual-Stream Jet

  • Stream Jet

  • Mini Dual Jet

  • Minl Spoul Jet



42” widescreen, high definition television

JAZZI Swim Spa is equipped with a cable-ready 42”fiat screen TV,featuring a high-impact polycarbonate screen and a stainless coating,also equipped with high-end stereo systems.Just think of it,television,music,light,color and full-body massage therapy.It’s the perfect answer to a hectic day.

Intergrated Sound

Pop up Speakers rotate 340°degrees,allowing for garden stereo.The Pop-up Speaker is one of the newsest innovations associated with hot tubs and home spas.Pop-up speaker has become increasingly popular over the past few years and many hot tub owners are choosing to install this type of technology into their spas,which have seen an overwhelming demand for this technology.Enjoy your favorite music right from your spa and ease of opration makes your can trust,Perfect sound quality adds to total spa enjoyment.

Audio System

JAZZI Spa’s Stereo DVD/CD allows you to hear and enjoy the perfect sound of music when you enjoy your spa.

Advanced Technology Connection

Ipod-Box System

Water Features

Our transparent waterfall with LED light,offers soothing sounds and the visual delight of changing colors relax your mind,body and spirit melts away stress and tension.

Our pop-up water fall designed to enhance your relaxation or therapeutic program.

Spa Lighting

Our LED mood light package illuminates your pillows,reverse molded neck seat,sparking water features,and more with a rich spectrum of inviting colors.

Spa Lighting is a safety feature,as well as a way to add ambience to the surroundings.

led light

LED Cabinet Light

The subtle elegance of two cabinet lights makes a beautiful addition to your backyard sanctuary.Each includes six true white LED lights to create a safe,illuminated spa environment.


Spa Tub Hot Tub Covers

Jazzi Spa Covers is very strong that made of tough,durable material.It can keep the water warm and your hot tub safe.Also,you can add the locking clips to keep your spa locked when you not use it.

And The Jazzi Spa Tub Covers come in 3 colors,like Grey,Chocolate and Brown

Cover Mate

Jazzi Spa Covers Mate-Aid in the removal and refitting of spa covers without risk of abrasion damage on the ground,especially suited to spa users on their own-easy one person operation.There is a variety available to suit your application including in-deck spas where there is no room down the side of the spa cabinet.


Durable ,Easy Entry & Exit,Safety

It is more convenience and safe to people access to your Jazzi Spa.
Jazzi Hot Spa Steps are in 3 different color, which is color matched to the spa cabinet and spa cover.



High Efficience Ozone System

The High Efficience Ozone System helps to keep your spa water clean and to reduce the use of sanitizing chemicals. .