Massage Bathtub SKT339F

SKT339F can bring people for hydrotherapy leisure with home cinema enjoyment. A 42" pop-up LCD TV and high power speakers around, the spa can create a real verisimilar sight&sound surrounding. Seats are big and comfortable. All jets can be adjusted with power and direction. In the two lounges master seats, there are two neck jets for each seat and the back jets can massage from the top down. Jazzi Home Cinema Spa combines all the new features. Today, you can have your only water cinema in your backyard. And you can live the elegant lifestyle you would expect with your family and friends.

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  • Size : 3800*2280*1160 mm


Modern Design

Jazzi spa features Unique modern design, concise and comfortable, it is family, the choice of hotels and clubs. You can relax with friends, also can paddle to play together with my family.Let you enjoy will contact fatigue in comfortable spa, is an ideal relief to urbanite after busy work experience.

massage tub spa

Spa Controllers

Each Jazzi SPA are equipped with the most advanced Balboa (USA) controller, humanized design makes the operation more convenient, 3.5 "high resolution color digital LED display, let you even if it is easy to see clearly in the night. The System memory function can always remember your personalized Settings and use.

spa control

Efficient disinfection system

Jazzi gives you the most comfortable massage experience.
The main functions of ozone. The ozone by silicone tube into the water, with sterilization, in addition to flavor, detoxification, bleaching, beauty, the function of illnesses .The Main funtion including:
Ozone disinfection sterilization: ability to kill bacteria and viruses
Ozone deodorant fresh: can effective decomposition odor in the air there is an opportunity, deodorization effect.

jazzi bathtub

UV Light

Jazzi Spa using UV lamp Ultraviolet disinfection technology, from high efficient sterilization and sterilization broad spectrum of the UV lamp, to achieve the most efficient sterilization effect.

uv light

Relax your body & Master Experience

Jazzi spa is an ideal choice for reducing your life stress and rejuvenate your body The Spa used the 3 HP massage pump ,it have got strong water flow from the jets . Hydro Massage Jets , Turbo Jets ,Micro Jets ,Medium Jets ,,Foot Massage Jets, ect . It is Continuous flow and with the jets massage to effect, it can help you relax your muscle.

jazzi spa
Size 3800*2280*1160 mm
Dry Weight 680 kgs
Water Capacity 5.0 CBM
Seats 6 persons
Lounge 2 persons
Shell Material Aristech Acrylic
Shell Color 13 colors available
Jet Configuration
Total Jets 118 pcs
Micro Jets 100 pcs
Medium Jets 11 pcs
Hydro Massage Jets 5 pcs
Turbo-boost Jets 2 pcs
Massage Pump 4 pcs*3HP
Filtration Pump 1 pc*0.35HP
Filtration System
Filter 1 pcs
Ozone Generator 1 pc*50mg/h
Control System 1 set
Heater 1 pc*3 KW
Spa Light 1 pcs
42" Pop-up TV 1 pc
DVD 1 pc
Water Proof Sub-Woofer Speaker 4 pcs
Other Features
Spring 6 pcs
Waterfall 2 pcs
Pop-up Waterfall 2 pcs
Ice cooler 2 pcs
Stainless Steel Stand 1 set
Spa Cabinet 1 set(Brown/Grey/Chocolate)


Production Line

massage spa line

Cabinet Colors

  • tub brown color

    Brown Color

  • Grey


  • Chocolate


  • White-Color

    White Color

Acrylic Colors

  • White-pearlescent-No-2

    (White pearlescent) No.2

  • Oyster-opal-No-6

    (Oyster opal) No.6

  • Pure-White-No-8-02.jpg

    (Pure White) No.8

  • Navy-marble-No-9

    (Navy marble) No.9

  • Summer-Sapphire-NO-11-02

    (Summer Sapphire) NO.11

  • Mystic-Emerald-NO-14-02

    (Mystic Emerald) NO.14

  • Dakota-NO-23-02

    (Dakota) NO.23

  • Sahara-NO-26-02

    (Sahara) NO.26

  • Caribbean-Blue-NO-24-02

    (Caribbean Blue) No.24

  • Bluerass-NO-28-02

    (Bluerass) No.28

  • Silver-Marble-NO-30-02

    (Silver Marble) No.30

  • Midnight-Opal-NO-31-02

    (Midnight Opal) No.31

  • Ocean-Wave-NO-32-02

    (Ocean Wave) No.32

    • shell structure
    • 5 Years Shell Structure Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the fiberglass structure against water lose due to defects in the spa shell for 5 years .

    • 2 shell surface
    • 2 Years Shell Structure Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Acrylic surface of the spa shell against blistering, cracking, or delaminating due to defects in workmanship or manufacturing for 3 years .

    • control system
    • 2 Years Control System Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Spa’s and control system (except stereo and lighting system ) against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship and manufacturing for 2 years .

    • cabinet years
    • 2 Year Cabinet Warranty

      Jazzi spa cabinets are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 2 years from the original date of delivery. Normal wear and weathering of the finish will occur naturally over time and are not defects.

    • equipment
    • 1 Years Equipment Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Spa’s electrical equipment components - heater , pump(s) , and control system (except stereo and lighting system ) against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship and manufacturing for 1 years .

    • spa part  & accessories
    • 1 Years Spa parts & accessories Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants all parts & Accessories inside the spa are warranted against malfunction due to defects in workmanship and material for 1 years from the original date of delivery. ( The Filter and the Pillow is not included in the warranty scope )